Valentines Day can be one of the most exciting and thoughtful days of the year. If you’ve ever felt that warm feeling when you receive a valentine, then you know how set apart you feel when you receive a valentine’s day card or a box of chocolates.

With that said, have you ever been surprised to get a card or box of chocolates from someone unexpected? If you have, then you probably remember the feeling of guilt when you get a surprise valentines gift and don’t have anything to give back in return…

That feeling of guilt is why I designed a solution for the “Oh S#%* I didn’t get you a anything” problem. We are giving these cards out at Quality Printers and QP2 Creative to their clients. We then explain that clients are to put these cards in their top desk drawer and forget about them until they receive a valentine gift from an unexpected party… When they get an unexpected valentine- they have something to give back! You could say, Quality Printers and QP2 Creative are setting our clients up to win this Valentines Day.

I still recommend that you try not to forget your significant other on Valentines Day… even these cute little cards may not be able to help you at that point.