We use constant contact in the office to connect with clients and remind them that we are here for them. I’m sure you’ve probably received at least a hundred “Merry Christmas” email blasts lately, but I thought I would share ours, because it was quite unique this year. Instead of creating just a holiday card with a little message, we made ours into an image search. Can you spot the differences?

Spot the 12 differences between these two images.

The first ten people to spot the differences this holiday season gets 10% off their current order. Now that’s fun advertising.

Quality Printers, QP2 Creative, Chick-fil-a of LaPlata, MD, and Ritas of LaPlata, MD also are giving out these little candy jars this holiday season filled with holiday treats. The sweetest part though is that after you’re done with the contents, don’t throw away the jar. Keep it on your desk and fill it with your spare change. The group of givers will be back to collect their jars in March and will then donate all proceeds to Christmas in April. You could say- it is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving… Sweet idea right?


My chickens... all grown up

In June, I began raising some newly born chicks that I purchased from the local farmer’s market. They were so cute. I made sure to choose as many different types as I could. I had 25 in total. As always, time seems to have flown by (literally) and I now have a flock of beautiful grown chickens! From my count, I ended up with 12 roosters and the rest hens.

Look at how small they were

To hear the roosters crow for the first time was really something special. They’re my little buddies. 🙂 The hens haven’t been far behind the roosters, and they have just began their transition into adulthood. Yes, you’ve guessed it, they’re finally laying eggs. Check out my first eggs!

This is a POP design that I created for a client (My Cause Water) this week. The display was something that I created to combine and solve a few different needs for My Cause. Not only does it display the product, but by combining info cards with the display, I was also able to get their message across very simply and effectively. (I’m still working on the graphics, and I’ll update you with the finished display.) What do you think? I also made two other similar designs that feature either only the large bottle or only the small bottle. While your checking out their packaging, also check out their website. What they’re doing is really awesome, when you purchase a bottle of My Cause Water, you’re not only getting an award winning water (voted the best non-carbonated water in the world) but you also can donate 5 cents of the purchase to a charity of your choosing through their website. Pretty cool stuff!

Single large bottle display

Single small bottle display

A fun flyer that I designed for azure b llc to show off their revolutionary woodware for bee hives. What do you think of the flyer design?

I collaborated with the artist not only on the curation of the exhibit but also the framing of the photographs themselves in these custom designed shadow-box frames.

I recently worked with a new artist and Quality Printers and QP2 Creative in producing a new exhibit entitled, Craters in the Southern Maryland Creative Cultural Center. The exhibit features photography from the emerging artist, Michael G. Zimmerer. It’s one of my favorite exhibits so far. I hope you check it out! 

Info about Michael…

Michael, a Florida native, international traveler, and graduate of Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design, focuses his artwork on the poetics of landscape portraiture. Being largely influenced by the natural environment, Michael has focussed his portfolio on national travel and portraiture. During his excursions he re-imagines the world and the ways in which humans might live. Among others, Michael has worked with Joyce Tenneson, an internationally renowned photographer whose portraits have hung worldwide; and Jill Enfield a nationally acclaimed artist and teacher who specializes in alternative and antiquated photographic processes. Under their influence Michael was able to learn the art of portrait making and processes including the tintype, ambrotype, cyanotype, kallitype, and platinum /palladium prints. Michael’s exhibit titled Craters, emphasizes the exploration of the existence of people within the American wilderness, particularly uncommon and unfamiliar lands. Michael’s images are a journey through a way of life where both people and spirit are an intregal part to the definition of a place.

Info about the exhibit…

The exhibit running until December 31st will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm, and for special viewings in the evenings of Saturday, November 19th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm and Saturday, December 10th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. Quality Printers would like to note that all the artwork is for sale to the public and partial proceeds will go to support other community events at the Southern Maryland Creative Cultural Center. 

I am happy to announce that the office and cultural center of Quality Printers and QP2 Creative (one of my main projects for the last year) have been featured in the article Quality and Quantity published in the print and web copies of the current issue of Heed Magazine!

A little about Heed…

Heed Magazine seeks out inspiring, colorful and unique companies and individuals, and by highlighting music, art and culture through quality coverage, Heed Magazine, strives to connect their readers to an emerging and impactful subculture. We are very excited and honored to have been asked to become an addition Heed’s highlighted subculture. Also included in our specific issue is an article on Malcolm Jamal Warner (formerly Theo Huxtable of the Cosby Show) about his new role as Dr. Alex Reed of the sitcom Reed Behind the Lines on BET.

Heed Magazine has generously allowed me to share this article (see below link), Quality and Quantity, with you. If you would like to purchase a copy of the current issue or a yearly subscription to the magazine, please contact Heed Magazine at heedmag.com.


Stop by…

If you’re in or around the DC Metro Area and haven’t been by the office or creative cultural center recently, please stop by. It’s located at 10485 Theodore Green Blvd, White Plains, MD 20695.

The Southern Maryland Creative Cultural Center gallery space is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm. The current artist on display is Michael G. Zimmerer, and his photography is on display until December 31st 2011.

Sorry for the bad iPhone photos, but I thought this was a really interesting moment that I came across in the NYC subway. Take what you want from it, and I’m not sure if this was a complete accident or if someone set it up. Either way, it was a great vignette. Enjoy!

If you would like to enjoy other pieces of artwork catalogued by the MTA, check out their website on Subway Art. I only share this site, because I just discovered it. It was interesting to read the concepts and visions of the artwork that I see so frequently in the subways and take for granted.