How to understand what I’ve designed or created on this site:

Anything on this site that has a list with Role, Client, and Project noted, is something that I have worked on personally. The Role indicates exactly who I was in relation to the project. If I do not note a role, then please understand and note that I am just adding that specific post to my blog for your enjoyment, and I have not had any role in its creation or design other than the copy written for the post. Please also understand that I have not taken all the photography associated with the site. I will give note to any photographers or sources if I have not taken the photographs myself.

How to view my portfolio: 

Thanks for checking my portfolio out! Every project was a great experience and I learned much throughout the process.

As you will discover, I have laid out my portfolio on here to show you some of the past projects that I have worked on. Under each project, I give you some information on the overall aspects of the project. I also have divided subsequent facts about each project by Project Insights and Design Solutions. Project Insights give further details and insight about the project and my role in it. Design Solutions give you some descriptions on how we used design to create innovative solutions for the project.