Quality Printers | QP2 Creative’s Exhibition Design 

This exhibit was designed to display the collaboration between Quality Printers | QP2 Creative and Habitat for Humanity ReUse Store. The display focuses on representing Quality Printers in the front and displays on the back a case study for Quality Printers | QP2 Creative’s office build-out. Habitat for Humanity’s ReUse Store and other building surplus supply stores were able to work with us on the build-out to create Quality Printers | QP2 Creative’s office and studio. The case study highlights this collaboration between the companies. It also speaks to building sustainably and looks at some of the problems with the building industry and how much waste is produced because of the construction process.

Role: Creative Director

Client: Quality Printers | QP2 Creative | ReStore

Project: Exhibition Design and Social Media Campaign

Project Insight | 1. The front of the display features the Biblical David and Goliath, a rivalry that we believe is very reflective of the rivalries between small local business and large corporate companies. Children and adults alike could choose which character they believe to be closer to and have their picture taken in the display. Photos were then encouraged to be linked to Quality Printers’ facebook through a contest to win a refurbished laptop computer. The link with social media allows for others online to experience the display as easily as if they were at the actual event.

Project Insight | 2. The back to the display featured facts about the construction process, the collaboration with local ReUse stores, and the benefits of using reused, reclaimed, and recycled materials.

Project Insight | 3. The entire display was constructed of reused materials, a simple way of reemphasizing the possibilities, benefits, and ease reusing materials.

Project Insight | 4. The door above highlighted how we saved money and the environment by using reused materials.

Project Insight | 5. The door above also focused on how Quality Printers and QP2 Creative are being sustainable in the construction and also their everyday business practices.

Project Insight | 6. The last door (featured above) highlighted details about the ReStore and even spoke to the ease of donating materials to the ReStore, and how those materials and profits were then benefiting the local community.


  Knoll Luxe Rodarte Textile Photoshoot

Sometimes referred to as the “darlings of the fashion industry”, sister fashion designers of Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have expanded their creations to include a line that isn’t a part of the avant garde fashion industry. This line that Kate and Laura designed in collaboration with Dorothy Cosonas, the Creative Director of Knoll Luxe Textiles, features various textiles that range from draperies to upholstery fabrics. Being inspired by many of the unique fabrics, painstaking techniques, and inspirational details that Rodarte has used in past collections, this line is unique and beautiful having a deeply mysterious and yet beautiful and glamorous tone to the collection.

Role: Jr. Designer and Coordinator

Client: Knoll Luxe

Project: Rodarte Textile Photoshoot

 Having just been a featured exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt (see video below) when we began working with Knoll on this photoshoot, we were very excited to work closely with the pair on yet another exciting part of their ever expanding talents.

Janine James, president and Creative Director of The Moderns, developed a concept of the shoot by imagining different scenes featuring elements such as Earth, Air, Crystal, Light, and Wind. These themes reflected some concepts represented in the textiles’ designs.

It was an exciting time for me as I was part of the team that then took Janine’s concept and pulled together props for the shoot. I worked with Janine on fabric selection for the shoot. I then coordinated with Knoll and the very talented and well known NYC upholster Martin Albert Interiors on having the pieces custom designed and upholstered. All of the draperies were done by Mary Bright. During the actual photo shoot, I was able to stand beside Janine and the rest of the team including photographer, David Sawyer, and assist with setting up each shot.

It was a great project! And the shots that we got from the shoot, turned out amazing. Let me know what you think!


Collaboration Suit

This project’s concept was to enhance one aspect of an individual by consequently disabling another aspect of that individual. By decreasing individuality, collabroation is increased while two are experiencing each other in this suit. From its inception, this project was a collaboration between myself and other students in the sculpture and fashion departments.

Fortunately, this experiment was featured in the sculpture minor show at SCAD, and I was able to use it to as a tool to discuss collaboration to the interior design department at the university.

Role: Designer, Project Lead

Project: Collaboration Suit

Medium: Felt, Cotton, Masonite


Self-Portrait Collage

This design and print is all about me. References from my past, present, and (hopeful) future lay side by side in no distinctive pattern.  The absence of hierarchy represents that even though we think we may be choosing our life, life is disorderly and chaotic. If we step back and view the beauty in the chaos, then I believe we begin to finally understand the beauty of life and ourselves.

Project: Me, Myself, and I

Medium: Digital Print

Size: 22” x 34”