Patcraft and Designweave Showroom

Through playful display and clean, relatable branding, The Moderns designed this showroom to connect designers with these brands after a major merge. Carpet was taken from the floor and displayed as artwork on the walls via a rotating display. Other design features were included to educate about the product’s application and fabrication process.

Role: Jr. Designer

Client: Patcraft and Designweave

Project: 2009 NeoCon Showroom

Location: Chicago, IL

{ This project was completed under creative direction of Janine James and under the employment at The Moderns, all taglines and brand strategy are the property of the Patcraft and Designweave brand. }

Project Insight #1. By collaborating with graphic designers, copywriters, and strategists on this branded interior, I was introduced to a concept of holistic experiential design.

Project Insight #2. The concept behind this branded interior was much more than just a product showroom. The PatcraftDesignweave brand extended throughout the NeoCon show through other means of guerilla marketing and advertising designed by other team members at The Moderns.

Project Insight #3. Graphic icons were used throughout the interior to support the concept behind the brand.

Project Insight #4. Brand aspects such as WOW Carpet at at WOW price, Life Goes On, On Us, and There Are Two Sides to Every Carpet were used throughout the space to highlight aspects of the brand.

Project Insight #5. PatcraftDesignweave’s sustainability story was told by explaining the “Two sides to every carpet” story, one touching the foot and the other touching the earth.

Design Solution | A. The product display wall became rotating discs with carpet on each side, and through rotating discs, designers and sales reps explored and demonstrated how to coordinate the carpet.

Project Insight #6. A large cusotm central table with product storage below became another central element to explaining and demonstrating product to clients.

Project Insight #7. By using simple furnishings like Emeco stools and the Harter Forum collection, we were able to keep the interior simple, clean, and modern, supporting the aesthetic of the brand.

Project Insight #8. A small seating area in the back of the showroom was later reimagined after NeoCon to add workstations for PatcraftDesignweave representatives.

Project Insight #11. A alternating carpet patern on the floor highlighed the many different options available with this product.

Project Insight #12. Larger carpet tiles were used on larger roatating circles. This added to the diversity of the wall and also highlighted the product range.

Project Insight #9. Company and product information was presented in a non-traditional playful way by using quote boxes (featured below). Questions were presented on the outside of the display and the answers were revealed through the pull-outs inside the display.