Through the above time lapse photography video you can gain some insight on the construction of The Moderns’ office. Enjoy seeing in about 5 minutes what took us over 6 months to complete!

It’s not everyday that a designer gets to design the space that he works in. While at The Moderns, a tragedy turned into a blessing when our building flooded and we were forced to leave our old office behind with hopes of a new space and new way of looking at how we worked.

With the flood, Janine (the Principal and Creative director of The Moderns) coined the movement as The Moderns’ “Tsunami for Change” and we began the process by asking ourselves how we worked and what would be the best way to thrive in a time when transient designers rarely work from their desk. Our solution was a space that was as versatile as it was inspiring and allowed for movement and collaboration between creatives, strategists, and copywriters alike. No longer were we confined to our deskspace, but we were encouraged to move about and discover our sweet spot, be it at the “cafe bar”, the window seat, the beachers, the “office porch”, etc.

This project gave me the opportunity to take much of what I had learned about interior design, company identity, and experiential design to the test. Working closely with Janine James, a seasoned interior designer and brand strategist, we were able to create a design that focused on a multitude of types of work environments. The result was a beautiful and versatile space that supported The Moderns’ creatives and strategists.

My role as a Jr Designer on a two person interiors team was overwhelming at times, but I was able to learn quickly how to work with contractors and vendors. The process of bringing the space to fruition was very rewarding and I feel that the final result accomplished the goals that we set out to achieve.

As with all tsunamis, they begin with a tragedy, but the end rebirth can be much more fertile than what was there to start.

As featured in Contract Magazine in May 2011 under the article “Hive Life”, The Moderns’ office was designed with the ‘Modern Designer’ in mind. Through providing many different areas for working, this office space caters to how modern designers work and collaborate.

Role: Jr Designer, Construction Coordinator

Client: The Moderns

Project: 900 Broadway, Suite 202

Location: New York, NY

{ This project was completed under creative direction of Janine James while under employment at The Moderns. }

Project Insight #1. Being on the second floor at Broadway and 20th street in a historic Stanford White building in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, we utilized the large arched windows to connect with the streetscape below.

Project Insight #3. The platform and large sliding pocket door were constructed using reclaimed hemlock harvested from barn beams.

Design Solution | A. Considering space is so limited in NYC, we elevated the principal’s office and added bleachers facing Broadway. This allowed for extra suite space above and also add a communal work and lecture space in the form of the bleachers.

Design Solution | B. The polycarbonate (typically used for greenhouses) surrounding walls in the principals’ office created an inexpensive yet beautiful alternative to traditional glass partition walls.

Design Solution | C. Considering the suite did not have access to running water, the sink in the kitchenette area had to come from a nontraditional means. I researched different possibilities and finally decided to use a pipeless, tank model typically used in classrooms.

Project Insight #4. A small kitchenette area features a recycled glass tile backsplash and Ikea cabinetry.

Project Insight #5. Hidden in the cabinetry is an urban composter, so that as much municipal waste as possible could be composted and given to clients and employees for use in their home and gardens.

Project Insight #2. Design elements such as a window bar and window seat further accentuate and connect with the streetscape connection.

Design Solution | D. We were able to reuse much of the furniture, millwork, and construction materials from our old office, saving us money and the environment.

Project Insight #6. Movable workstations from Milder Office were reused from The Moderns old office. Conveniently, they have the ability to be taken apart and moved out of the main studio space when the studio is used for photoshoots.

Project Insight #7. The 15’ ceiling was taken to a more intimate level by altering and then repurposing eight Nemo Regulus Tige fluorescent light fixtures from the old office.

Project Insight #8. Space under the principals’ office was used as an office, copy room, and small meeting space and materials library.